Y’ REALLY Want to Occupy? Buyer Beware

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If you really want to “Occupy,” …try capitalism – it actually works!:)  You weren’t complaining before 9-11 and Iraq.  How about spending your money with “the little guy,” small businesses?5em;


But, wait –  before you go blaming them, too, for being “taken,” at some point (and then marching yourself to clog-up our parks, transit, and legal system), make sure you go beyond just good intentions (of yourself and of the seller) – which also seems to be the crux of Occupy… no solution, no plan, no leader… just intentions – and use “due diligence” and planning, beforehand, to make your purchase(s):

First, know what your personal financial picture looks like (“Can I afford this?”  “Can I live without it?”  “What may I want to buy in the future, therefore, needing me to hold-off from making this purchase?” – ie, What’s your “opportunity cost?”)…

Second, know more about who you’re giving your money to.  Are they reputable?  Who’s their competition?  How do they make money from this deal?, etc.

That  is…”buyer beware” – a value that, perhaps, has stopped being shared.

Then again, in our increasingly p.c. (popularity contest) society, establishing personal boundaries, self-discipline, and saying, “No,” has become frowned upon.:(

Instead, we’re told a fantasy (defying nature) that we MUST “love” and give our attention to everything… and that everything is our “friend.”  If an animal were driven by such drivel, its chances of survival would be slim. Sure, we’re not animals, per se, but we’re not much different as flesh-and-blood mammals with animal instincts and basic, mundane, survival needs.

…Despite what we’re taught in school, my friend, a human being is not all intellect at its core.

Further, consider that certain powers-that-be are fearful of us having the “buyer beware” value in mind. …The apprehension being that, perhaps, the reducing or slowing down our rate of spending will impede our nation’s growth – and, therefore, threaten national security & our way of life. So, to some authorities, spending (even permitting misguided spending, without an “exit strategy“) is “beneficial”… short-term, hoping not to “get caught”!

Ok, so now that you’ve done your due diligence to know your financial situation, as well as to research and learn about a product and/or service, beforehand, go out in the “market” of goods and services and VOTE with your dollars!

Money talks…” And, therefore, knowing 1) How much do I have to spend?” together with, 2) “How will I allocate my money, based on my research, beforehand?“will give you more power than you think you have as a consumer and citizen.

Power to ‘ya!:)

BFf .

3 Responses to “Y’ REALLY Want to Occupy? Buyer Beware”

  1. You are so right, the matrix has gotten to people and they forget the basics. Me getting the boot from a Job because “We are going in a different direction”,cause my wakeup. Now I chose the old school way. Think before I act, and look at the ground before I take a step. There are more than a few ways we are made slaves in this world and Financial slavery is the most accepted.

    • Ironically – nice way you simplify/put it in a nutshell:)…”the basics.” Related, there’s an inspirational Einstein quote seen recently:
      “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

      Really, what values do people pass down anymore? Is anyone even trying? In my social “circles,” I’m disappointed in and don’t have respect for most of my elders. I can’t say I look up to anyone, really, in my life. And I don’t believe I’m alone. Who’s a younger person looking up to these days – to elders or to celebrities (and what are the messages being sent by Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, various drugged-out musicians, Brittany Spears, Kei$ha, etc.)?

      Even our elders… they’re all “tryin'” too hard to act “young” and “hip,” without contributing to the younger generations – it’s really self-indulgent, like most of the celbrities. It seems like the elders aren’t passing values/their “wealth of experiences” down to help guide us to be stronger and more directed on building better relationships, families, communities, etc. And I’m not including the handful of obscure documentaries on WWII vets. However, even those portrayls seem indulgent: “look how great this guy is.” Yet, how is “Mr. War Great” giving to society other than parading around, “look at ME – look what I did – uh, huh, you betta recognize!”

      Perhaps, on the other hand, the message us younger segment of the population are sending to the elders/elderly is that they don’t have value. We just ship them off to rot in a nursing home – out of sight, out of mind. Perhaps this fate is what our elders fear and are protecting themselves from appearing as – being “ripe” to be forcefully locked away in a nursing home. I know that prospect is frightening and undignified for me, personally.

      With all respect to the beloved memories of the martyrs who were murdered in the Holocaust, I see a stark comparison to how we “deal with” our elders. The way we “write off” elders in our society is like how Hitler, G-d forbid, “dealt with” society’s seeming “nondesireables.” It’s truly a disgusting, abomination of mass-society … and a total loss to all of us who could stand to learn much from “greater” generations of past, G-d bless ’em!

      This is also related to why you “got the boot” from your job, sorry to hear. The healthy value would be, “Ok, we’re going in a different direction, so let’s sit down and learn from each other what we need to work together.” Naw – no one feels they need to teach anything to anyone anymore. “You should already know what I want…” I mean, really, how vain is that? We’re doing it in our personal relationships, as well – “I shouldn’t have to tell my date/significant other/spouse… They should already KNOW what I want!” How immature, I feel.

      Yeah, realted to the “old school way” you mention:
      “The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet.” – James Openheim
      This reminds me of starting development/refinement at home and with our self – making sure the home is a safe, enduring place, before we dedicate any of our Space and Time to building the life and wealth of people outside our home.
      “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln
      The values of preparation, investing time, reflecting/introspection, dedication, etc, needed to “get the job done.” At least, to do it well and most efficiently and effectively.

      🙂 Yeah, we, the masses, really do accept slavery on MANY levels. You mention, “Financial slavery.” Indeed. Another level of slavery we accept applies to the above-mentioned “standards” we accept for our elders. So, who is our “master,” then? The idol of “happy”.. also known as “self-indulgence”… “ME!” So many of us live on the premise that we have to feel “happy” at all times, or life “sucks.”

      Wow, how this is like a child who doesn’t mature and throws tantrums when they aren’t indulged! To “battle” this idol is why this blog was created. Too many of us are “sleeping” and “We can do better.” We really need to grow up and refine ourselves for a more elevated and responsible purpose other than to consume and procreate (like how an animal exists). Also, though it’s popular to act like we’ve “got it all together,” we actually never “arrive” during our life, as long as the world remains broken. Thanks for contributing, connecting, and being genuine. Related –

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